K-댄스 컬렉션

서울국제댄스페스티벌 인 탱크와 [아츠인탱크] 올댓댄스온라인페스티벌에 참여한 안무자들 중 
해외로 초청 연계되었던 안무자, 베스트작으로 선정된 안무자, 우수 안무자로 리뷰가 게재되었거나 
국내외 심사위원들에게 호평을 받은 안무자들의 작품 가운데 20편을 선정한 컬렉션

  회원가입 및 로그인 후 무료관람이 가능합니다. 

The <Sprout> of the Tundra

The [Sprout] of the Tundra

[Sprout], a work that derives its meaning from the word 'Oumteuda' meaning to sprout in Korean, is a creative dance contains a message of hope for life that is delivered when seeing the strength of a sprout that emerges to the world through difficulties. 

In a sense, to survive has the same meaning as to follow the laws of nature. Unless there is a regular cycle to life to which you are born anew with every change of the cycles, life will be a series of unbearable pain. Nevertheless, we forget such a simple and obvious fact. Usually the hardships of life, such as sorrow and pain that are not overcome, are derived from this. Looking away from the world to the nature is more easily said than done. Because that look should possess warmth that is not icy cold. How, then, can the warmth be created and transmitted?"

Choreographer : Yoon Su-mi

Directer : Lee Jae-hwan

Cast : Lee Jeong-eun, Park Hyun-jung, Choi Yun-sil, Koh Hyo-young, Kim Yeun-hwa, Choi Ji-won, Lee Da-young, Moon Sun-young

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