K-댄스 컬렉션

서울국제댄스페스티벌 인 탱크와 [아츠인탱크] 올댓댄스온라인페스티벌에 참여한 안무자들 중 
해외로 초청 연계되었던 안무자, 베스트작으로 선정된 안무자, 우수 안무자로 리뷰가 게재되었거나 
국내외 심사위원들에게 호평을 받은 안무자들의 작품 가운데 20편을 선정한 컬렉션

  회원가입 및 로그인 후 무료관람이 가능합니다. 


<Na Bi JamⅡ>

This Piece <Na Bi Jam>is the second edition from original version of Na Bi Jam which was danced as solo. In the second edition, I extend solo dance into group dance. The first version was solo dance which emphasized 'mise-en-scene' of dance as image. this second version is focused more active and aesthetically valuable. In this piece I tried to use more improvisation instead of unison and structured movement to cath the moment of beauty.

Under the Moon halo in the water, the cloud bulge quietly blooms

Butterflies that have lost their season, make them lose their way too

But try to sit down while breathed in deeply

A hairpin of a butterfly shape is reflected obliquely in the water and shakes while riding the flower stand.

A Long awake sleep

The wet wings are still not dry

The density of air is as hard as a wall

It makes sense that for an object to move, there must be a force acting on it. Dianthus will bloom on their own, and the life of butterflies must have air flow first. If not, you have to stay in an endless long sleep. As if they were open or close, they had to endure the same time as yesterday.

"Nabi-Jam II" is a work that seeks contemporaryity in Korean dance divided by tradition and creation, and is choreographed with the focus on visualizing the inner beauty of Korean dance. Of course, this is one of the many ways in the process, and attempts to explore Korean beauty will continue.

Choreographer: Yoon Su-mi

Performer: Kim Mi-sun, Yim Ji-ae, Lee Jeong-eun, Park Hyun-jung, Seo Eun-ji, Choi Yun-sil, Kim Ji-hye

Director : Lee Jea-whan

Composer : Yang Yong-jun

Lighting design : Kim Chul-hee

Costum : Min Cheong-hong

Genre: Korean Creative Dance

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