K-댄스 컬렉션

서울국제댄스페스티벌 인 탱크와 [아츠인탱크] 올댓댄스온라인페스티벌에 참여한 안무자들 중 
해외로 초청 연계되었던 안무자, 베스트작으로 선정된 안무자, 우수 안무자로 리뷰가 게재되었거나 
국내외 심사위원들에게 호평을 받은 안무자들의 작품 가운데 20편을 선정한 컬렉션

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<Drawing memories>

Drawing memories is the choreographer’s collaboration project with painting & installation artist, Jiyeon Lee. The painting & installation artist draws memories that exclude any emotions. The space of memories is a playground and the main drive for her interest. The choreographer draws memories with movements on the stage. The visible image shows a still frame of the choreographer implicating time of movements. Dance is an art of catching passing movement. Space drawing is an art of completed stillness. The encounter of these two very different arts arouses the curiosity. Memories are the two artists’ shared interest. One takes an approach with a canvas and the other with a stage. This experimental work for both artists creates a rendezvous of rationality, emotions, curves and straight lines

Choreographer: JIHEE LEE

Performer: Jihee Lee, Jaehyeok Choi, Subin Kang, Yunjung Jang, Geonwook Lee, Jaeheon Gwon, Hyeokjung Yoon

Painting & Installation Artist: Jiyeon Lee

Stage Design: Seungjae Jung

Lighting Design: Hwan Heo

Genre: Contemporary Dance

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