K-댄스 컬렉션

서울국제댄스페스티벌 인 탱크와 [아츠인탱크] 올댓댄스온라인페스티벌에 참여한 안무자들 중 
해외로 초청 연계되었던 안무자, 베스트작으로 선정된 안무자, 우수 안무자로 리뷰가 게재되었거나 
국내외 심사위원들에게 호평을 받은 안무자들의 작품 가운데 20편을 선정한 컬렉션

  회원가입 및 로그인 후 무료관람이 가능합니다. 



This work is a time to contemplate the primal human desire.

Desire is a surplus that is created when a desire is segmented into a demand. Unlike a need that can be satisfied and that causes the subject to stop until another need arises, a desire can never be satisfied. Even if suppressed, desire exists in the reproduction of desire itself, rather than being persistent, eternal, and full. Desire, defined as the desire to have something and to enjoy it, is perhaps an instinctive and very natural phenomenon for humans.

Humans always live with unfulfilled desires in their hearts. Human selfishness to finally get what we want is a desire, and it wriggles and disappears from the depths of the inside, and sometimes rises.

In the end, human beings will remain in a state of eternal dissatisfaction.

Choreographer: Jeon Ye Hwa

Performer: Kim Jung-eun, Jeon Ye-hwa

Director: Jeon Ye Hwa

Genre: modern dance

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